A beautiful, durable, easy-to-maintain surface coating,
That's also slip-resistant & helps reduce or prevent fall injuries…
A revolutionary, rubber, safety surfacing system…

Whether it's for the WOW! look or the safety it provides…
Rubaroc ® is
the ultimate solution to your ugly, cracked & dangerous concrete surfaces,
Like your patio, pool surround, walkway, garage floor, driveway, and more…
 Attractive young family enjoying their backyard, and especially theire new Rubaroc rubber pool surround and patio area - from Ottawa Safety Surfacing - 613-226-9292

With our aging population – and the increased risk of slips, falls, and safety issues that come with it – demand has been growing for proven safety surfacing products to make walking safer – and Rubaroc's ® proprietary line of rubber safety surface coatings are the answer.

The comfortable, yielding, and porous nature of Rubaroc’s ® rubber surface coatings help prevent the dangerous build-up of water puddles around your pool deck, or on your patios, walks, steps, driveway, and even your garage floor, etc.

And, because of its slip-resistant and impact-absorbing qualities, a Rubaroc ® safety surface not only reduces the risk of slips, it can also reduce the risk of potentially serious injury, should someone actually have an accidental tumble.

Absolutely unlike ANY other safety resurfacing product available…

Our Rubaroc® rubber safety surfaces – the marriage of high-tech polymer resins and industrial-quality Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber granules (in a myriad of color choices) – are virtually indestructible, resilient, slip-resistant… and very attractive.

Whether yours is a residential or commercial project, when our team professionally applies Rubaroc ® over your new or existing floors, walls & surfaces (walks, steps, floors, pool surrounds, etc.), rest assured, it will withstand both extremes in temperature and ground/slab movement.

So, if your base surface shifts or cracks the Rubaroc ® rubber safety surface will stretch and/or expand as necessary, which minimizes – if not eliminates –  visible evidence of those changes.

And, given our colder climate – with the inevitable freeze/thaw cycles which often cause surface slabs to pitch and crack… that’s a great, added benefit.

Beautiful backyard residential swimming pool with newly applied Rubaroc rubber safety surface coating - from Ottawa Safety Surfaces - 613.226.9292

Fast, professional installation…

Our Rubaroc ® certified professionals custom mix the 2-part Rubaroc ® rubber coating material on your site, then apply it to your new or existing surfaces, giving you a beautiful, seamless finish.

We can also apply Rubaroc® on angular or vertical surfaces (like the coping around pools, walls, planters, step faces, and more).

And, we can even work your favorite sports team, brand logo, or custom design into any surface as the centerpiece of your project.

Here's a quick video about Ottawa Safety Surfacing projects
(all project shots & clips are from actual OSS Rubaroc ® projects in the Greater Ottawa, eastern Ontario/western Quebec areas)…

 VIDEResidential & commercial applications…

Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner, a landlord, a property manager, a contractor – or your project is small, or even huge – you’re sure to find the almost limitless uses for this wonder-product will give you the perfect solutions to your unique, custom applications.

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